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Heavy Equipment Rental

Heavy Equipment Rental

Having a successful years of parts provider for diesel engines, PT Buana Penta Prima began expanding business in heavy equipment rental as part of a diversification program. The company currently has contracts with several companies in the field of construction and fabrication services nationwide. While promoting the values of the company as the main foundation, PT Buana Penta Prima is determined to be able to continue to contribute and provide the best service in the field of heavy equipment rental services to its customers.

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Tower Crane Sales and RentalTower Crane Sales and Rental
With the rapid development of infrastructure projects in Indonesia, almost all developers are in dire need of tower crane products.
Engine Maintenance and Overhaul Services
With original warranty and stock availability of various diesel engine parts, the company also provides maintenance and repairs (overhaul) of various types of diesel engines.
Starter Motor and Altenator
Our experience over more than two decades in sales and repair of various type of starter motors and alternators is a guarantee for customer satisfaction.